New Years in Dubai, United Arabic Emerates

My 15 hour flight from Seattle to Dubai was sheer torture.  You know you’re in trouble when after the pre flight loading of families with small children the waiting area at the gate is almost empty!  I had demon spawn from hell sitting behind me, a toddler screaming and kicking my seat the entire way.…

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The temple at HKV

My Date to Hauz Khas Villiage in Delhi India

I am writing this during my 24 hour trip home. Our airplane is somewhere over Iceland and the view of the icy mountains below is really amazing.

Just a couple of night ago I had a very fun date with a young Indian man who works in the hotel where I am staying. He suggested we go to Hauz Khas Village. I had no idea what to expect. Turns out Hauz Khas Village is a very unique and fun experience. Picture downtown New Orleans meets The Alamo and Central Park!  It is a contemporary shopping center with hip bars and restaurants on the upper floors where you can stare down at the young hip crowd below.  Right outside is a huge park surrounding a lake, an ancient fort and an Indian Temple.