Awesome Travel Stuff

People are always asking me what my favorite things are for traveling, blogging and working in a foreign country.

Well here it is! I ask only this, if you are going to buy any of these products or use any of these services, please click on the links below. It helps me out a little when these companies know that I am sending them traffic. Thank you, and Join in the JOURNEY!


I love Airbnb. I first used them when I went to the Super Bowl in New Jersey and there wasn’t a hotel room to be found for under $500 a night. Basically Airbnb is a network of people that rent out their spare bedrooms, or sometimes an entire apartment. I have had great experiences and have met some wonderful people. If you click on THIS LINK you will get $35 off your first night’s stay.


Below are links to some of my favorite products. Go-Girl is a female urination device that allows a woman to pee standing up. It has saved my butt a bunch of times on road trips where there are no washrooms or a safe place to hide and squat.

I really love both Columbia Sportswear (from my home town of Portland, Oregon) and Coleman camping gear. Their warranties are great and their products are rugged!

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